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November 4, 2010

Hi <>,

I'm pretty much heads-down working on my book right now so the timing is perfect to share the thoughtful musings of Self Help Collective's Steve M Nash with you on this lovely autumn day!

I know you'll enjoy his insights and positive spirit and energy.

Cheers and Love,

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New Book to be Released This Month

My new book, Stop Zombie Living: Break Free of Feeling Dead & Live the Passionate, Fun Live You Deserve, is coming out this month! "Whoo hoos" are a smidge premature so I'll save those for release day but it's on its way to you soon. Can't wait to share more when the labor pains cease and I hold the little book in my proud hands.

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Free Yourself to Dance With Life - Be Yourself
Confident Living

A while ago Ginette asked me if I'd like to write an article for her newsletter.

And I wasn't sure what to write about. I usually just write articles that weave a collection of inspirational quotes around a specific theme.

I could just do that, I guess. Ah, but what theme?

Well the main theme of my life right now (and, coincidentally(?) it's the main theme of my website) is about the importance of being yourself - of living a life, as much as possible, as the individual that I am (and that you are).

And then, thankfully, I noticed the byline of Ginette's site: Free yourself to dance with life!

And I thought, "Aha!, an article about dancing with life by being yourself. Perfect."

So that's what I'm going to do. That's what follows.

And, apologies for the long explanation, but that's kinda my style... ;-)

Free Yourself to Dance With Life - BE YOURSELF!

You were born an original. Don't die a copy. ~ John Mason

Of course John Mason is right here. And do you know anybody, any parent, who would advise otherwise? Of course you have to be yourself, of course!

But hang on there! How about "getting on" in life? How about keeping your head down and out of the firing line at work? Or how about joining in with all the other kids at school, even though you hate what they do, just so you don't lose any 'popularity'?

Yep, being yourself is not easy! It has consequences that are far reaching and even a little uncomfortable at times.

So John's right, but we need a bit of help here.

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not. ~ Andre Gide

Hmm, well at least Andre understands the problem. And that's not all...

The challenge is to be yourself in a world that's trying to get you to be like everyone else. ~ Anonymous

I have that quote framed in a picture in my bedroom.

Y'know, I love these words! But they do sound a bit defensive - as if everyone is out there trying to change me. That isn't true.

The real challenge is to understand that people are frightened of being themselves, and thus are frightened of others who try to do the same. It reminds them of their fear. And nobody likes being reminded of their fears. (And we always, instinctively, "shoot the messenger", don't we!)

So our friends and family like it if we like the same things as they do. And if we think the same thoughts as they do, too. Life is just 'easier' that way. Isn't it?

Another truth about life - and you're not gonna like this, I'm sure - is that, deep down, we all pretty much believe that life would be so much easier if people were just a bit more 'reasonable' - a bit more like us! (And don't deny it, now, you know it's true, now! Tch! ;-) )

So, being yourself - it's obviously the thing to aim for, but it's certainly not easy.

But what are the rewards for truly being yourself?

Well, simply put, it's like walking in the direction you're facing. It's like riding a bike downhill, with your feet off the pedals ("wheeeh!"), rather than having to pedal uphill. It's like, well it's like going with the flow...

Learn to... be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

Hmm, if that isn't a definition of flow then I don't know what is. And in case you're not familiar with the word flow, it also means dance and it definitely means life.

For life is all about flow. Flow up. Flow down. But keep moving, keep flowing.

Learn to be who you are. And accept who you are not. And love both.

So, this is all a bit rambling now, and you (and I) have got other things to do, we surely have.

But I was never going to be able to write something definitive here.

And I most certainly am not an expert at being myself - it is a continuous work in progress, of course (though I do have a few quirks I'm rather proud of! ;-) )

I just wanted to get this 'being yourself' conversation going, really.

So let me finish my article with my all all-time favorite inspirational quote - it's a quotation from Galileo Galilei (yes, the astronomer who lived hundreds of years ago). And Galileo said this:

You can't teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.

And I really do believe what Galileo is saying here.

He's saying that we have all the power we need, we just need to recognize that fact. He's saying that our life is for our taking. He's saying that we need to trust ourselves more.

And I think if we do this, if I do this, then our lives (my life) WILL be the original it was always intended to be.

Yes, we will fill our lives with mistakes that many others won't make.

And, yes, we can learn from others - we can always learn from others.

But, as Galileo advises, we really must teach ourselves.

And then, armed with this true self-belief, we truly, madly, deeply will be able to free ourselves and dance with life.

That's what I say, anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy being yourself.

Enjoy the dance...

Steve M Nash is the creator of guru-free self-help site where he encourages visitors to help themselves AND help others too! And how can you help others? By sharing your story - the positive and not-so-positive aspects of your journey so far. Share your story here.

Quote of the Month


Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life. ~ Simone Weil

For more motivation quotes see Motivation Quotes.

Wishing you all boundless freedom and a strong sense of your purpose and destiny. It is in your hands to seek it out and fulfill why you are here. Open your heart and let it into your life.

Make it happen! I'm cheering you on all the way.

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