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September 23, 2010

Hi <>,

I hope you are having a wonderful September so far!

It's flying by so quickly for me that I may start wearing a neckbrace. A bit too close to whiplash with the days flying by for comfort. Whooooooosh!

I've been thinking a lot about intentions this month and thought we'd have some fun exploring the joy of taking a closer glance at our real intentions, both forward-looking and in the heat of the moment.

Give it some thought and see what a difference it makes for you in living your best life each glorious day.

Cheers and Love,

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Take A Closer Look at Your Intentions
Confident Living
As you may have heard, I attended a wonderful conference event earlier this month in Phoenix. Before I left I had a feeling in my bones that it was exactly where I was supposed to be, even if I didn't know why or what to expect. So I showed up and was determined to stay open (and felt very much like Alice about to go into the rabbit hole).

On Facebook that week I expressed my enthusiasm about the summit and my friend reminded me to set my intention about what I wanted to get out of the event.

It dawned on me how right she was and how I hadn’t yet done that until just before the trip.

I believe it is extremely beneficial to do so, so I’m sharing it all here with you now what I wrote down on the way to the airport:

I will walk in my purpose and come away from the event with greater clarity about my next steps and the ability to implement my action steps more rapidly so I can provide a greater breadth of products and services.

Big events are one thing. It’s also important to have an intention for ANYTHING we put time and energy into, including each day. Get in the habit of choosing 3 things you’re going to do and keep them in your mind throughout the day.

What is your intention for today?

You’ll feel your momentum build as you get those 3 items done and finish the day feeling like a winner!

It's actually a great habit to get into asking yourself what you motive and intention is before you take an action.

Not only will it help you clarify what to focus on AND streamline your actions, but it will also help you avoid those ego-based landmines we can step on. Oh yes... just watch...

For example:

What is my intention for this meeting? To find out the main problem that's causing the delay with the project. OK, pretty straightforward, right?

Now try this one...

What is my intention when I ask my husband if he put the dishes away last (when I know he did)?

Well, it's really to see if he realizes that I realize that he didn't put the knife back in the right spot. Aha! I just caught myself in the big fat Miss Smarty Pants ego. If I ask him that question it's not because I truly want to know the answer, it's because I want to criticize him... under the guise of "helping" him learn where the knife belongs. I am busted! I quickly realize that is not a good thing for me to do.

But ONLY by asking myself that can I really get to the heart of my true motive (which in that case is not a healthy loving motive). Better that I just remind him that is goes in this drawer so he knows for next time (or better yet, let it go, as it's so minor it doesn't really matter).

This is especially helpful in confrontational situations. Next time you feel that negative or "hard" undercurrent and you're about to say or do something, ask yourself what your motive is. Then watch how your awareness shifts.

Knowing our intentions can be extremely empowering and enlightening!

(It's also fun to call other people out on that when needed, for example if someone is prying or attempting to shame or criticize YOU. Before you respond to their question at face value, calmly ask them why they are asking that and watch them scramble or try to explain a rational and supposedly positive reason.)

Have fun with intentions and it will have positively empowering ripples throughout your day and your whole life. I intend to do the same.

Quote of the Week

Everything you can imagine is real. ~ Pablo Picasso

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Curried Leeks Recipe
Healthy Recipe

Bored with your side dishes or looking for a healthy vegan, dairy-, wheat-, soy-, gluten-free main course dish?

Here you go.... Curried Leeks!

Check out the complete recipe and give it a try for yourself.

You only need two ingredients and a couple of spices and you are good as gold... er... curry (didn't spices used to be traded as money?). Anyway, make it as spicy or mild as you like.


Focus on what you want to grow this week and watch it BLOOM.

Make it happen! I'm cheering you on all the way.

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