Hello Beautiful!

Talent alone won't make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: ''Are you ready?'' ~ Johnny Carson

Yes, Johnny, I'm ready.

Are you?

It's finally here! The deep discount special I've been mentioning lately is ready to be revealed, unearthed, exposed, and brought into the light.

I’m looking for 5 women who are READY to change their lives starting today. Women who are truly inspired to break the patterns that are holding them back so they can get to the good stuff – having more energy and confidence, feeling ALIVE and FREE, sleeping better, feeling sexier, experiencing what it’s like to be proud of yourself and to enjoy your firm strong slimmer body.

Soon I'll be launching a series of exciting new programs (and announcing my new brand and website) but before those programs go live, I’m looking for early success stories.

  • Is this the summer you slip into that new swimsuit with confidence?
  • Is this the year you take that big step toward your dream because you finally believe in yourself?
  • Is this the time you commit to yourself to take charge of your life and health once and for all?

Because this offer is so dear, I’m only accepting 5 people. That’s it. Once those five slots are filled, the door is closed.

And I won't take just anybody. I'm looking for someone who is really ready to make a change in their body, in their life, and to make this year THE year when you decide to step into your power and make some changes.

If that's you, email me back that you’re ready to get you started on the path to becoming the sexier, more powerful, and healthier you and why this is the right time for you to take action. If you're chosen, I'll reply back to you.

This is your chance to get 6 weeks of my private one-on-one coaching for only $250. You read that correctly. (Yes, that’s crazy low! You get six 30-minute once a week sessions ($750 value) to kickstart off your season with your custom plan and the support you need to create habits that get you what you want.)

That’s a $500 savings!

These are REAL live confidential coaching calls with me completely focused on YOUR unique challenges and goals and you get the worksheets and structure for your personal action plan. We’ll talk every week so you can stay on track and get to the heart of what’s blocking you from losing weight, enjoying exercise, and making powerful changes in your life at a deep level (so you keep the weight off).

I’ll never EVER offer private coaching this low ever again. Ever.

You’re hearing about this special chance for a reason (and only YOU know what that reason is). Are you ready? (And if you're not ready, ask yourself what it would take for you to *decide to be ready*. Because it really is a decision at the heart of it. )

Your life is happening right now. Stop wasting time wondering “what if?” and making excuses. You deserve to feel fit and strong and healthy and beautiful starting today.

Remember, this limited-time offer is ONLY available for the right 5 people. After that, the normal rate goes back into effect.

If you think you're a match and are my next success story, reply by email to ginette@confident-vision-living.com and tell me why you've made the decision now to make a change. If there's an open slot and you're a good fit, I'll reply back to you.

I would be thrilled to help you bring to the vision of your best life and body into reality.

Wishing you a weekend full of positive energy and action!

Hugs and Confidence,


Chief Visioneer
Confident Vision Living

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