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October 7, 2010

Hi <>,

A breakup sounds like a bad thing.

But when you're extricating yourself from an unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship (which is really the same thing), it's like getting out of prison.

As I often say, there is nothing lonelier than being in a dissatisfying relationship.

Everyone thinks you're fine, but you're not. (And if it's a marriage, that's even true.) You tend to get isolated and stuck and your usual support system isn't there in the way it may once have been.

This week we have a guest writer for our main article and I'm thrilled for you to meet her! She shares her story of breaking free and her good breakup with her addictive ex. Check it out, it's not what you think...

Cheers and Love,

Confident Vision Living News

Book Release in November

My new book is coming out next month!

Just got the cover art proofs back from the designer today! Whoo Hoo! Feeling very real now and I'm so excited. It will be available as both a printed/bound book and also a downloadable ebook.

Can't wait to share it with you. It will be more "me" and more real than anything I've ever shared before. Shedding my skin!

Empower Your Life Autumn Special

Keep your eyes out for an email next week sharing this incredible opportunity to get supported directly by me so you can break through whatever is holding you back from living your life most joyfully, fully, and freely.

I'll share the details with how to apply and give you the skinny on how our connection can change your life.

Freedom From My Ex
Confident Living

This week's Feature Article is by guest writer, Cora Poage, an amazing woman and kindred spirit who has turned her struggles with body and food into empowering guidance for her clients. Thank you, Cora!

For many years I was caught in a steamy, intimate, and tumultuous relationship.

I would call it co-dependent, maybe slightly abusive. I placed my Ex on a pedestal and truly saw him as an idol of sorts. If my Ex was kind to me, I had a fabulous day. If he was moody or "off," my day was ruined.

I was yearning for freedom from my partner, but too scared to leave or move on.

Who was this ex-partner I speak of? I will give you three hints:

  • He was very quiet.
  • He lived in the bathroom.
  • He only saw me naked.

Drum roll please... My ex-partner was...


We used to be a really tight pair. There are days from my past where I weighed myself three or more times a day. Heck, my scale was seeing more of my naked body than my husband. (Sorry, babe.)

If the number on the scale was lower than the time before, I was happy. If it was the same or higher, then I was devastated. For many years, I allowed my scale to determine my self-worth. I allowed my life to be controlled by a tiny piece of metal. I was obsessive.

Then, one day, I had enough of this crazy relationship. I realized it was time for the dreaded Break Up. I decided to throw away my scale. Okay, okay, not quite. I told my hubby to hide it from me. Boy, did I go through withdrawals. I spent many a day ransacking the apartment searching frantically for the elusive scale.

However, once I made it through the initial shock stage and the mourning process, I began healing. These days, my self worth is not measured by a shiny metal object in the bathroom. I look in the mirror and I love what I see, whether or not I’ve reached some magic number on the scale.

And like magic, as my inner healing took place and I repaired my relationship with my body, I naturally began to release weight! My body really responded to the trust and love that I was finally showing towards her.

Breaking up with the scale was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made.

Yet, ending that relationship gave me freedom; freedom to know that I am so much more than a number, freedom to believe that I am beautiful and worthy, whatever my weight. Most importantly, when I ended my obsessive relationship with the scale, I chose to embrace my body with love and acceptance.

There are moments when I am tempted to go back. I see that sexy and slim scale in my gym locker room, and I think, "Just a quick little weigh-in won’t hurt, a tiny rendezvous."

Then I shake my head, stand in front of the mirror, and send my body a mental love letter of gratitude and awe. I bravely walk past the tempting scale and towards my true freedom.

Cora Poage (Coach Cora), lives in Manhattan and is the Owner of Sexy Soul Wellness. Through One-on-One coaching, Card Readings, and Group Programs, Coach Cora helps her clients to love their bodies, own their power, and live their dreams.

Quote of the Month


You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

For more motivation quotes see More Motivation Quotes.

Raw Vegan Non-Dairy Cheese Spread
Healthy Recipe

Cheese with no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no gluten... what? Es possible? Si!

And there are only THREE ingredients.

I know, it sounds like science fiction, but nope. It's just Ginette's kitchen.

Quick easy no fuss is how I roll, baby.

This no bake allergy-friendly VEGAN simple cheese is a people pleaser everywhere. Check out the Vegan Cheese Recipe.

Good for parties, too. Actually, most things I like are good for parties. I just flat out love tapas and nibbly kinds of party food, as long as they're healthy and I'm not allergic to them. Any reasonably healthy things in little bowls, little plates, dips/chips, dabs, and finger food and I am one happy camper.

Oooh! And it goes beautifully with that amazing onion bread I shared with you a few week ago. It is dee-licious.

Match made in food heaven!

Give it a whirl... in your food processor, that is...

Have a fabulous week stepping out of your comfort zone and into your passion. Much abundance and love to you all.

Make it happen! I'm cheering you on all the way.

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