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October 27, 2010

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We all know that how you're eating effects what you choose to wear. If you lose or gain weight, you're likely to dress differently - maybe cover up a bit more or wear a fitted jacket instead of form-fitting yoga attire.

But have you ever noticed how what you're wearing affects your eating decisions?

For a lot of people you would think you would feel that if you’re wearing clothes that are on the tighter side that it might encourage you to eat more lightly.

Ugh I feel fat, I’m going to order a salad.

And for many that's true.

It took me years to notice this pattern, but it works the exact opposite for me.

For some reason, when my pants feel baggier and hang more loosely, I feel thinner, like I’m already on a good track. So I want to keep going with my "success."

Perhaps because it pushes my old low self-worth button, when I wear clothes that are kind of tight, I sometimes lapse into eating something fattening because I feel already fat, out of control, icky.

I'm already overweight, what does it really matter? Who cares. Might as well have a good meal.

I do not agree with that somewhat self-destructive logic, but if I'm not paying attention, the thought flits through my brain and then I'm already off and running with questionable food choices before it has time to truly register as a choice.

(That's another reason to SLOW DOWN and check in with yourself before deciding what to eat otherwise this kind of rushing craziness logic happens before we know it.)

Be aware of how your outfits affect you – both consciously – thoughts you observe yourself thinking - unconsciously, by your actions, how you stand, how you sit, what you do or don’t do in certain outfits, and decide what you like best.

The more you know about yourself the better decisions you can make to get you what you want and feeling your best self!

And on a related note... Pay attention to what you wear, to how you feel in your clothes, how and why you chose to wear what you do.

If you've stopped making the effort to dress nicely, wear clothes that flatter you, or go to the trouble to style your hair best, ask yourself why? How would it feel to go the extra mile, put on nicer earrings, add a scarf, curl your hair?

Make the extra effort and see how it embues your spirit and energy and sense of yourself with greater wellbeing, pride, and confidence.

See if you notice your pattern.

As they say... Because you're worth it.

Cheers and Love,


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