Create a Look That
Makes You Feel Great

So often we ask, "How do I look?" The more important question is… how do I feel?

When we put on certain items of clothing, our faces light up and we feel like a million bucks — like we can take on the world. We even carry ourselves differently. We stand taller, smile more, and definitely feel more confident.

Appearances count. Not so much for how we're perceived but in how we feel about ourselves. You know the advice they give to people working from home? Get dressed. Put on some makeup, pull yourself together. That way you feel put together and professional before making those sales calls or joining online business meetings. The people on the phone can't see you, but YOU can. And it can make a substantial difference in your energy and confidence.

As Stacey London from the show What Not to Wear states so well,
"Great style is about... personal power."

Long ago, I used to think that fashion meant being vain or superficial. But not paying attention to how you FEEL in clothes and to how you are perceived by others is denying yourself the opportunity to be your best in every way. Don't marginalize yourself by ignoring how you look or how good you can feel. Looking good gives you more positive energy that enhances your life in a thousand little and big ways, especially in your interaction with others.

You may be completely content with your appearance and wardrobe which is fine, but don’t be surprised if changes in this area help you feel even more empowered and more like a new you! At least give it some thought and make sure that how you appear now is how you want to be. If it is, great!

Don't use size as an excuse. There are women of all weights, builds, and sizes out there feeling confident, owning their appearance, and looking fabulous. Start living your best life NOW. Don't hold off buying new clothes until you reach your goal weight. The new better version of you wants to feel better right now, today. Enhancing the new you is ongoing, a gradual process. We're always changing and growing. Enjoy yourself along the way. You deserve to feel great no matter what your size is at the moment.

No idea what your "style" is? Try this short visualization to see if you can get more insight into your sense of style: Close your eyes and imagine "the new future you" living her dream, having fun, being her fabulous self. What is the new "best you" wearing?

Fashion truly is for everyone and you don't have to spend a fortune. Have fun with it and take the time to create your personal style. Go for tailored clothes and items that flatter your shape and that truly fit your body well. Get items altered to fit you so that they are custom for your shape (items rarely fit all of us off the rack). Try things on (experiment) and see what the newly emerging confident you likes to wear. If you don't feel fabulous in it, move on and keep hunting. Like everything else in life, don't settle for so-so when you can find "great!"

Consider updating your hairstyle, too, if you're not in love with it. You might be surprised how well a new style suits you.

Listen to your friends. If you love certain clothing items and feel fabulous in them, but 90% of your friends think it makes you look like a tramp, you might do best to take note of their comments. Feeling great is wonderful, but getting too locked into the "this is me, take it or leave it" approach is not healthy, free, or confident. (Hear the fear in that approach?) Stay open to other possibilities and at least listen to their concerns.

Spending time on our appearance is an important aspect of loving self care. Enjoy feeling great in your own skin by expressing your style in clothes that fit you well.

If you think body dysmorphia may be interfering with your perception of yourself, seek out a cognitive behavior therapist to get help.

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