Use Skilled Self Relaxation to
Powerfully Restore Your Great Health

Skilled self relaxation is another essential component in a richly confident life of good health. Just as we must get adequate sleep, we also need to make space in our lives to create a buffer between us and the outside world to recharge our spiritual, mental, and emotional batteries. It's only when we are TRULY relaxed that we realize how we hardly ever are!

When do we find ourselves fully decompressed? Many people would say on a vacation/holiday. In a cabin in the woods, on a beach, laying in a hammock? What do we like to do when we go on a vacation? For many people, the answer is NOTHING. "I want to do absolutely nothing." Listen to the waves. Daydream. Hear the birds sing in the trees. Feel the sun on our skin. Live in the moment, feeling alive and free. Just "be," right?

And when we do get one of those sought-after vacations, we are often there a few days before we really feel fully present and peaceful. Yet another indicator of how stressed we are regularly day in and day out.

Skilled self relaxation has numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduces physical stress
  • Promotes healing of tissues (and increases alkalinity)
  • Gives us psychological distance from stressors
  • Lets us experience relief from sensory stimuli
  • Allows us to experience the pleasure of deep peace and stillness
  • Helps us reconnect with nature
  • Helps us reconnect with our spiritual selves, our core being

Tuning out in front of the TV is not true relaxation. Your body may be inactive, but you're not fully relaxed (in fact, TV is a stimulant, albeit a passive one). That kind of downtime may have its place, but ONLY pursuing that kind of downtime activity denies you the truly powerful and healing benefits of skilled relaxation techniques you could be doing instead.

Dr. Walt Stoll, a well-respected doctor deeply familiar with both conventional and holistic medicine, even goes so far as to include self relaxation as the third piece of his "three-legged stool" of wellness for our ideal good health. He is a strong proponent of its deep importance in our lives and its ability to help reverse chronic disease.

These techniques may include the practice of meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, time in nature, times of silence, and more. You only need a few minutes a few times a day of these techniques and practices to reap some of the benefits from the power of being fully relaxed (although the more the better). Plus it feels really good!

Not only will it help you thrive and live your best confident life, but it's deeply enjoyable and refreshing. Make self relaxation a core part of taking good care of yourself every day!

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