Use Your Time Well and
Make Your Dreams a Priority

Nothing shall be prized more highly than the value of each day. ~ Goethe

Time is finite. Eventually, the clock strikes midnight for Cinderella and she must go home. But during her spell at the ball she truly lived her dream and had a wonderful experience.

Well, the opportunity to work towards YOUR dreams and grand adventures is right now. Going after our dreams can be scary but there is no time to indulge in fear when it's this important. Life is passing by. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock…

Whether you're of the mindset that life is short or life is long, the duration we're in our physical bodies is limited, so we all want to use it well.

Obviously, we’re all going to die. One day, someday, you don’t know when, you are going to be dead. It could be tomorrow (heck, it could even be today!). I don’t mean to scare you, but death is natural and inevitable.

So what? Knowing I'm going to die and not knowing when is a HUGE motivator for me personally to start taking action. Use the knowledge that your time is limited to your advantage so you can experience some exciting and meaningful adventures and dreams sooner than later.

Yet most of us choose to live in extended denial. Birth, life, death. What could be more natural? Personally, I think it makes life a heck of a lot more exciting. If this sounds morbid or strange to you – hear me out. What kind of football game do you like to watch? A game where everyone doesn't care, and there's no schedule, no score, and no rules? Or a game where the competition is fierce, the teams are evenly matched, the score is tied, and there are ten seconds left on the clock in the final quarter? Life is the same way.

Sandwiching life between the unknown before we're born and the unknown after we die not only gives it structure, but a duration (and it’s even more exciting because you don’t know how long the game is or even who all of the players are). We all want to experience a good game. In this case, we all get to be star players and we get to make up some of the rules as we go!

There is never a perfect time and there will always be challenges. Do you believe you don’t have time to do any work on your dream? That your dream doesn’t matter enough? That you can do it "later?" You will never have this moment again. Begin to live your dreams and reach for your goals NOW.

When you still feel resistance deep down in your gut about starting on a goal that you know in your heart means a lot to you, remind yourself about time. This is a call to battle for those of us wanting to not let fear keep us down anymore. An anthem for those of us who are tired of waiting, excuses, fear, and/or chronic, rampant perfectionism.

We say we’ll do it later, but later never comes because it is always now. We live in the present. The past is gone and the future never arrives. Every second of every day is right now.

There is no better time to put aside those fears and negative thoughts and to take one step, even a teeny tiny baby step, to making that dream of yours more of your reality. Know what you want and recommit to your goals every day by continuing to move toward them. Find out what is in your way and keep moving forward. You can do it!

If you are not afraid of dying, there is
nothing you cannot achieve. ~ Lao Tzu

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