Take the Dream Interview

Think of one of your dreams or projects you'd like to complete or achieve.

Why aren’t you pursuing it or working toward it yet?

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We put off working on our vision even when they are some of our most important life goals. Even when they are thrilling and fun to work on. Even when they are sometimes one of the only meaningful things in our day.

No time to spare for your goal?

Big plans can push our emotional buttons and bring organization and priority questions to a head. Often there's no better way to find out what is going on than to ask ourselves directly.

We already know it’s all about choices and how we spend our time, but let’s find out more about what’s in your way.

  1. What is one of your life dreams or projects?
  2. Why do you want to pursue this?
  3. What scares or worries you about this goal?
  4. Why do you think you can’t or shouldn't start on (or finish) it now?
  5. How will you know when it is the right time to start (or finish)?
  6. How do you feel about putting this off until later (knowing that there is the risk that later may never come)?
  7. Who is encouraging you to pursue your goal now?
  8. Who is encouraging you to pursue your goal later (or not at all)?
  9. How could you start work on your plan in a small way even if you can’t do it all right now?
  10. What is ONE thing you can do right now – a baby step – toward your vision? (Even just writing it down on paper counts.)
Write your answers down and put them in your Visions and Goals file. Make a note on your calendar to revisit this on a specific future date. At that time, ask yourself these questions again and see if things have changed.

The more you understand about your motivation, fears, environment, and timing, the more aware you are of potential obstacles, limiting beliefs, and planning involved in taking steps to reach your goal.

The time you take to consciously focus on your goals and plan for them is an investment in YOU. Every little step you take shows your commitment to yourself and to the importance of honoring what is important to us.

Having trouble getting a clear picture on your goals? Try some freewriting in your journal to get a discussion going with yourself. Ask your angels, guides, or higher self for assistance in getting information through your dreams. Ask friends who know you well. Or create a vision board or a best self collage to see if that helps to form a clearer picture of what you want.

All the best to you in taking steps toward bringing the visions in your heart to life!

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