Quiet Your Anxious Mind
for Great Health and Joy

You know how it goes — there's no real crisis but sometimes your anxious mind just won't shut off from the stream of worried negative ideas flowing in your brain. That incessant mental "chatter" that taxes our bodies and leaves us even more anxious. It's exhausting!

But there are times when we manage to get the upper-hand with those thoughts and we feel calmer, more conscious, more grounded. Do we consciously seek them out or do we stumble into them by accident?

What activities silence YOUR negative racing thoughts
and anxious mind chatter?

For me, some favorites include disco dancing, African drums, singing, and exercise. Guess my "monkey mind" can't take the disco and its consistent upbeat mood, because no matter what I'm doing, when I hear that music I feel instantly more relaxed, optimistic, and free.

For you, it might be any number of things, for example:

  • Nature time
  • Running
  • Meditating
  • Humming
  • Drawing
  • Rolling pennies
  • Playing with your pet
  • Cleaning house (for some folks this actually works!)
  • Painting
  • Organizing or sorting something
  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Any form of exercise or physical moment (VERY powerful)
  • Whatever creative, busy, active, or soothing activity works for you

These activities are not just a distraction (TV, reading, random chitchat), but time spent that supports you in feeling more alive, centered, empowered, and positive, without any word prompts (affirmations, for example) or conscious awareness of specific thoughts.

These mind-calming tasks reduce anxiety and allow you to be more present (in the moment). They also bring you more peacefulness in your day — all of which are good for your health, both mentally and physically. Sometimes it's as simple as throwing yourself into some work where your full concentration is required which can help snap you out of the anxious mind loop. (Getting more work done often alleviates stress, too, if it lightens the pressure you feel.)

Notice what helps your mind shift from worried to calmer, or to when you become aware of no longer functioning in an anxious state. Something shifted you out of it, so find out what it was and write it in your journal so you can identify patterns later.

Commit to doing your anxiety-reduction activities as a part of your exercise, self-relaxation practice, as a part of taking great care of yourself, or whenever you need to break the mental loop. Your immune system and mental wellness are depending on it.

See the Relaxation pages for more ideas about reducing stress (distress) in your life and to creating regular practices that nurture your body and mind.

Have fun letting go of your anxious mind and worrisome thoughts as you dive into your active life. You really can break free!

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