Is a Weight Loss Coach
Right for Me?

Working with a weight loss coach shows a firm commitment to yourself and to your goals. Feeling in control with your body and weight is a KEY element to your empowerment and of building your most confident joyful life!

Losing weight is hard work. I know, I've been there (see my before pictures).

Coaching is deeply transformative and powerful process that supports you in making profound shifts in lifestyle, mindset, strategy, and in holding yourself accountable so you make real progress quickly.

I'm thrilled you're here to find out what coaching could mean for you.

These excerpts were taken from email exchanges with real clients at the beginning stages of our coaching relationship.

What is weight loss coaching?

At its most heart, a life coach or weight loss coach creates and holds a space for you to get insights into what are the core issues holding you back so you can make changes in your lifestyle, thoughts, and approaches so you can SUCCEED.

By asking key questions, the coach helps you make discoveries, provides accountability, and opens the door on those dark corners of limiting beliefs or blind spots so you can get more awareness and make the changes you desire.

Unlike anyone else in our lives, the coach has no agenda other than your success and happiness.

The coaching process is completely confidential and the coach/client relationship is a powerful dynamic that helps you gain awareness about how to reach your goals. We all have the answers deep within ourselves and the coach helps to draw them to the surface. Your coach may make suggestions and propose ideas sometimes, but it is always your call as to what feels right to you.

What happens on the calls?

When I was a weight loss coach, I talked with most clients by phone once a week or as little as every three weeks (for longer-term goals). This regular communication provided an ideal opportunity for you to get ongoing support so you can move forward with your goals in real time. Any assignments you agree to complete are discussed at the end of each call and ideally are completed before the next call.

I think it is a beautiful thing in this world when we take the time to love ourselves enough to make the time and commitment to ourselves to take the next step forward. Really excited for you and looking forward to working with you!

"Because of the coaching sessions with Ginette, I have had major breakthroughs in my weight loss. Ginette is an expert at leading me through the coaching process in a way that allows me to lose weight and stay in shape. She helped me create an efficient plan that works for me and my lifestyle, allowing my dreams to become reality!" ~ L.B., Sacramento CA

Can I get coaching if I’m doing a diet program, like Weight Watchers® or Jenny Craig®?

Absolutely. As long as it’s a sound plan and approach, many coaches are open to whatever type of diet and exercise plan works best for you. I think it’s wonderful you have chosen a system to start with and you’ll have support from the program. The more support the better! Structure is essential for us to create new foundations and good lifestyle habits.

While pre-packaged meals are never as good as whole fresh foods in the long run, this can be a starting point for some people to learn more about food choices and to get the ball rolling.

Why would I work with a weight loss coach if I'm following a diet program already?

No matter what eating or exercise plan you follow, coaching's unique features are intensely beneficial for many reasons, including the deep and customized focus on YOUR specific goals, challenges, thoughts, mindset, situation, life history, body type, preferences, environments, action plans, big life picture, priority of your other life goals, along with intense accountability and support. Very few programs out there offer that level of personal service and the latitude to help you find what works for YOU - especially if it's outside of their program or area of expertise.

Between the program, support from others, and private weight loss coaching you'll revolutionize your life in the coming months!

By exploring the possibility of coaching you are really stepping it up and making plans to create the life and body you want. There is a coach who is a great fit out there and waiting to help you reach your goals.

Take the first step.

We're cheering you on all the way!

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