At Home Weight Loss Success
with Coaching

We're busy people! At home weight loss gives us the flexibility to squeeze in a workout when we have time, spend time with our families, have control over our meals and food choices, and the flexibility to exercise however we feel like it.

I'm a big fan of working out at home. It's free (it does not cost money to move your body - that is your privilege and birthright!) and gives you such freedom. And you do NOT need special equipment - there are a zillion ways to get a great workout using just your body weight and creativity.

At home weight loss perks? There's so many!

Exercise at Home

  • Wear whatever you want (or nothing at all)
  • Work out at any hour you want
  • With whomever you want
  • Doing whatever moves you want
  • Listen to any music you want at any volume
  • Spend time with your family
  • Get other things done simultaneously (laundry, watch TV, etc.)
  • Keep yourself stimulated and interested by customizing the experience to your taste
  • Exercise more often - use small pockets of time to get some movement in

Eating/Cooking at Home

  • Control what's in your food, develop a healthy closer relationship with real, whole foods
  • Prepare meals with your family and be a role model
  • Eat with together as a family
  • Make food prep fun and healthy
  • Listen to music you like as you cook
  • Keep yourself stimulated and interested by creating a fun food prep environment
  • Eat when you want to

How can coaching help me with my at home weight loss?

Weight loss coaching and losing weight at home go hand-in-hand.

Coaching is extremely helpful in "shining the light" on those obstacles we bump up against (but can't see) and in revealing other patterns that maybe aren't so obvious yet. Of course, coaching is definitely huge when it comes to creating accountability (not only in the short-term but in the long-term as we can create ways for you to stay accountable to yourself even after the coaching, yes you are so right).

Since coaching is all about helping you create the life YOU want to lead, having control of your home environment and lifestyle fits right in. You are defining how you want to live, and your coach helps you make that happen.

Understanding what's getting in your way and having someone on your side to support, educate, guide, and cheer you on can be life changing, and a major component to your successful weight loss.

Find out is coaching is right for me? or ask us a question if you'd like more information.

Decide what you want in your life and take action to make it happen. You can lose the weight, keep it off, and get your life back!

Is Weight Loss Coaching Right for Me?

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