Weight Loss Motivation Resources

So you've read our Bellyfire! Exercise Motivation System book to create your custom motivation plan, right? Fabulous. You're well on your way to creating patterns that will propel you to reach your fit body dreams (and to stay fit for years to come).

Weight Loss Motivation Resources

Here are a collection of books and websites you may also find helpful on your journey to greater health and confidence.

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Superfood Beauty Elixirs (Drinks) eBook ~ Mouthwatering Liquid Nutrition for Immunity, Weight Loss, Longevity in 5 Minutes Flat ~ by Christian Bates and Bethanne Wanamaker. Foreword by David "Avocado" Wolfe (raw food leader). I recommend this highly - totally unique, delicious, and incredibly healthy.

Believe It, Be It by Ali Vincent
Ali's positive attitude and journey to winning The Biggest Loser was an inspiration to many of us. Even when it seemed hopeless to the rest of us (she had left the show), her firm conviction that she would win awed me.

Raw Emotions by Angela Stokes
Angela lost over 160 pounds and changed her life through raw food. Wonderful British gal. Her book, Raw Emotions, is a beautiful and powerful read packed full of valuable information.

Fat Chance by Julie Hadden
Julie was a memorable contestant on The Biggest Loser with her spunky attitude and down-to-earth honesty who never failed to make me smile AND cry as she experienced her journey from hopelessness to learning to love herself (and her life) again.

When Working Out Isn't Working Out by Michael Gerrish
Explore your unidentified fitness obstacles and better understand your patterns and behaviors.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko
Fun fast read that will forever change how you think about greens and nutrition! Even if you've never tried or heard of green smoothies, this eye-opening book is refreshing and inspiring.

Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way by Rick Carson
A modern classic that helps you put that inner critic on a tight leash.

Feel-Good Food: A Guide to Intuitive Eating by Susie Miller and Karen Knowler
Karen Knowler is a well-respected raw food chef from the UK with a wealth of products and information to get you experimenting more with healthy living foods that break the emotional eating pattern.

Collage Exercise Videos and DVDs Robust selection and detailed reviews. All products tested by the Collage Video team.

ExerciseTV Online Videos Many free short workouts online. A fantastic way to squeeze in a quick workout at work or home. All levels. Enjoy!

Active.com Find local events in YOUR area and connect with others.

Stay focused on your weight loss motivation to keep making those healthy changes. You can do it! Every little change counts.

The Bellyfire! Exercise Motivation System book is coming soon...

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