Creating Your Own Luck

Creating your own luck is as straightforward as any other positive step you take in your life. Like attracts like, so if you seek it, put good energy out in the world, and take action, wonderful things come back to you in a million amazing ways.

Good things come to those in the right space at the right time. How do you find that magical combination?

lucky cat

  1. Take action. Take positive steps in your life to get what you want. Be willing to do the work and open yourself up to better and brighter possibilities. You'll see more once you're in motion.
  2. Pay attention. Lucky people recognize when an opportunity presents itself and they leap when they see something good. Be aware of and always looking for those golden moments, conversations, contacts, projects, and ideas.
  3. Focus on the good things already happening in your life and feel grateful. Whatever you focus on grows, so focus on the good things while you strive ahead with your plans.
  4. Don't wait for perfection before taking action. Sometimes you won't know it's a great opportunity until you get closer to it.
  5. Keep a positive attitude. When your spirits are up, you'll find creating your own luck a natural and easy part of your life. Other people are drawn to you and your eyes are open and aware of what's coming over the horizon.
  6. Be willing to take a risk. Sometimes the ones we think are the most lucky are those who saw a diamond opportunity when it was still a lump of coal. Trust your intuition and heart and go for it.

Actively looking for opportunities based on your goals and dreams puts your right in the thick of that magnetic luck - when the time and energy is right, it will stick to you!

Say it out loud! I am lucky.

What's your gut feeling about that? Does it feel forced? If it doesn't feel right you don't really believe it yet. Keep focusing on the positives in your life, envisioning what you want and how you'll feel, and keep taking action. Sooner than you think you'll start to see that creating your own luck is something you do naturally.

Now go out there and get lucky!

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