Ask Yourself Thought
Provoking Questions

When you ask yourself thought provoking questions, you remove assumptions and learn more about how you think. The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to understand others and feel empathetic and kind.

It also makes you feel more empowered, more in control and sane and able to change things so you create your life how you want it. Talk with yourself and find out what's happening behind the scenes. If you don't like it, you can change it!

Thought Provoking Questions You Might Ask Yourself
Throughout the Day

Mind: What we might tell ourselves
Real Motive: Our fearful or loving real reason

  • Why am I thinking that?
    Mind: Because that would be just like him to insult me.
    Real Motive: I'm afraid he won't like me so I'm protecting myself from getting hurt by thinking the worst. (fear)
  • Why would I want to say that to her?
    Mind: Because she needs to know.
    Real Motive: I want her to know that I'm smart. (ego/fear)
  • Why do I want to eat that?
    Mind: Because I deserve it.
    Real Motive: I'm feeling lonely. (fear)
  • Why do I want to eat right this moment?
    Mind: Because I'm hungry.
    Real Motive: I'm scared I'll fail on this project and I'm nervous. (fear)
  • Why do I feel like skipping exercise today?
    Mind: Because I'm tired.
    Real Motive: I'm just going to fail anyway so what's the point. (sadness/fear)
  • How do I know that? Am I making an assumption?
  • Am I rushing to judgement?
  • Deep down, what am I afraid of?

Be kind to yourself. It's natural to do things like these - we're human! But the more you ask yourself thought provoking questions and become aware of what's really going on (tune in to your internal motives), you learn how to shift your thoughts to where you want to go. In time you'll feel the change in your energy and body when something is not right and that alone will remind you that your motives might not be entirely pure and healthy for you.

For example, if I feel like speaking up in a group or telling someone something and I notice a subtle tightness in my stomach or chest, I now recognize that as ego and know I should not follow that urge to take action. When my ego starts to run the show, fear steps in and love slides away. When the action I have in mind is purely for my own gratification, that is NOT an action I want to take because it does not have a good and pure purpose (it is not loving), so I keep my mouth shut and move on.

Take the time to examine your assumptions. With practice you'll get better and better at choosing what feels good and lifts you (and others) up. You deserve to feel better, have more positive energy, and have your confidence and peacefulness soar!

The more you know how you operate the better choices you can make to get what you want and be who you want to be.

It takes courage to look at ourselves openly and to change. Congratulate yourself when you're honest with yourself as you're approaching life with an open life and mind!

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