Swap Out Your Toxic Thoughts to
Get Calmer and Clearer

Toxic thoughts are those that poison us from within with their unproductive heavy negativity energy. Become more aware of when you’re experiencing them and recognize how they make you feel. With practice, you'll evaluate the ideas instead of taking them at face value.

Examine what goes through your mind and question it! Then choose which ones are keepers and which ones must go. You'll reduce anxiety and will become adept at separating the frantic and worried "monkey mind" mental wanderings from the ones with real substance to them.

You'll also break the cycle of toxic thoughts from spinning around in your head over and over again, draining your energy and making you feel helpless. Slow them down, take a good look at them, and watch their power start fading.

"I will not let anyone walk through my mind
with their dirty feet." ~ Gandhi

Try this quick swapping technique to break the spell of a toxic thought:

  1. What started the negative or anxious concerns? Did a particular event, comment, or situation trigger them?
  2. How does that thinking make you feel? Close your eyes and take a moment to sit with the feeling for a few seconds.
  3. What ideas about that topic would make you feel more centered and peaceful? Close your eyes and take a moment to sit with those.
  4. If nothing comes to mind on that topic, think of another one that feels better.

  5. Do you feel calmer? We really do choose what we think. Even if you don't immediately lock on a new idea that puts you at ease, the few seconds you take to "step back" and examine what's in your mind can do wonders to help you detach from it, thereby lessening its power. Look at it for what it is, observe it, then decide if you really believe it or want to entertain it.
  6. Take a few slow deep breaths.

Shifting your mind from a negative spiral to a better "place" is a simple practice that reminds you that YOU control your mind. Sometimes it's trickier than others, but do this often enough and you will train your mind to not even "go there" down that dark and negative road for long. You'll head those nasty ideas off at the pass, before they sink their teeth in to you.

Some days you might want to them to hang out for a bit. Have a pity party for a while or just enjoy feeling grumpy (don't we all do that once in a while?). But if you choose to let them in it's YOUR decision, not something happening TO you. Then kick them out when you're tired of their negative energy. The big difference is that you control them, they don't control you.

Your mind is precious real estate, it's the environment for building your dreams! Don't let those destructive mental squatters set up camp in YOUR lush paradise.

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