Create a Dream-Friendly Environment

We all need dream-friendly environments. Space affects us profoundly. In the right space and conditions, things thrive, whether they need sunlight or darkness, quiet or stimulation. Dreams need a space, too, so they can develop, bloom, and evolve.

Ideally we want to put ourselves in environments that support our visions, inspire us, thrill us, and that help us nurture our dreams.

Create a more dream-friendly environment in your life so you can give your vision the opportunity to come to life. Create a physical space for your dreams, even it’s just the back of a door, a space on a wall, or a little shelf that functions to hold little items, trinkets, or pictures that represent your plans and goals. You could include short biographies or pictures of those who reached their goals, a picture of what you want to do, affirmations on the wall, a photo from your past or of someone who supports you.

Just like a vision board, building a vision-keeping area can be extremely powerful and worthwhile. You can even put your vision board in the same area. Looking at my dream space (a little curved shelf in the office — that I affectionately consider my vision shrine) reminds me to continue to dream, to have faith, and to hold the vision. Believe.

Your dream-friendly environment can also be something that provides you with mental space, to give you time when you can ponder, think, dream, or plan — even if it’s just 10 minutes in the bathroom each morning or 5 minutes during your lunch break to close your eyes and connect with your vision.

Remember the great outdoors. Some of my most supportive spaces are in my garden and backyard. I tend to think smaller thoughts in a cubicle (where am I going for lunch today?) and bigger thoughts at a desk near a window or when flying at 35,000 feet (where am I going with my life?). Going outside to brainstorm and envision under a full sky helps me think big.

You may also want to manifest your best environment with an area where you actively work on your goals, such as a place to write, think, exercise, paint — whatever your dream entails, having a place to do it in is essential. Get creative and move things around if you have to and get the buy-in from people who share your space so they respect your intention.

A dream-friendly environment also includes what people you surround yourself with. Pay attention to who your fellow dreamers are, your nurturers of vision, and who are the dream smashers (energy drainers) in your life. Seek out friends and family who truly support you and make you feel good (people with whom you can really be your honest authentic self).

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. ~ Mark Twain

Create a dream-friendly environment support team even, a vision network group where you share ideas and encourage each other (online or in person). Or get a coach. Or join an organization who promotes inspiration, idea sharing, and encouragement. Or find a friend who really supports you wholeheartedly. Then USE these resources! Ask them for help when you need it and help support their personal visions, too.

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