Feeling Worthy of Your Dreams

Feeling worthy of the good things in your life (and want for your life) is important for your success and happiness.

Most of us experience "I’m Not Worthy" thoughts, especially when trying something new, facing a challenge, or trying to live up to someone else's (or our own) high expectations. We may feel like a fraud, an imposter trying to bluff our way through. If they knew it was just little old us, surely we would be "discovered." Our mental "gremlins" tell us negative things and feed us a steady filling diet of self-doubt and worst-case scenarios.

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Feeling worthy can still mean staying humble. Knowing you deserve what you've earned or created in your life is a quiet contentment, a sense of being at peace with yourself, yet modest and always continuing to reach for your dreams.

You may say, yes, I know we're all worthy, blah, blah, blah. But we all need to hear this... regularly!

You deserve your dreams.
You deserve happiness. And you can have it.

Write your own list of why you deserve to feel confident and deserve your dreams. Use the list below as an example, but use reasons that fit your dreams and your life.

  • I am a human being; everyone deserves this basic right.
  • It allows me to help other people by pursuing my right work in the world.
  • I can be a role model and help others to feel deserving.
  • I am more fun to be around.
  • It gives me more energy.
  • I am a better/happier parent, wife, sister, friend, daughter, employee, etc.
  • It makes life more enjoyable.
  • It spreads positive energy.
  • Life is easier when you feel confident.

Consider the list you create your manifesto! Knowing your reasons connects you with your purpose and the positive emotions behind it that fuel you to take consistent action on it to bring it to life.

Post it somewhere you'll see it (perhaps near your vision board) to remind you why this is so important and how it makes thing better for the world in general. Use your imagination. Enjoy the heart swelling feeling that accompanies envisioning your dreams playing out in reality — it's real and powerful.

So often we think that others we love are worthy but not ourselves. But those people feel the same way about us and themselves! We are all worthy. Believe in yourself and keep reaching for your dreams.

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