Get to Know Your Best Self

What is the ideal vision of your best self that you’ve thought of, and feel yourself to be deep down, but have never quite realized in day-to-day life consistently so far?

I'm talking about qualities and feelings you aspire to have — not about perfection, it’s about you, your BEST you. Your essence, core, your "higher self" — wise and beautiful and loving and unique.

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As I get older, I feel like I am slowly morphing into who I want to be. But it’s not without some conscious attention and energy put in it.

Our best selves are those more confident, she-knows-who-she-is, authentic, free versions of ourselves. Some days we feel more that way than others.

We all have that spark or feeling about who we could really be “one day.”

But we stuff it away, forget about “her” and tell ourselves we’re being silly, unrealistic, narcissistic.

Well, I’m going to say the opposite. You’re being VERY realistic.

You already are that best self and you can and deserve to be her and FEEL like her everyday. It’s just a matter of practice, awareness, time, and determination.

Maybe you already know who she is, or maybe you’re just getting to know her.

  • What does she act like?
  • What does she look like?
  • What does she do with her time?
  • What are her top priorities?
  • How does she carry herself?
  • How does she interact with other people?
  • What are some of her best qualities?

Take a few minutes or longer to describe her in your journal or notepad. Let your imagination flow.

The more you tap into that feeling deep in your heart about your more beautiful inner self, the more clearly you create a vivid sense of who she is (who you are at heart).

You can also name her if you like. Instead of differentiating her from you, giving her an identity lets you call on her when you need her.

One friend of mine called her new best self “Kaya.” She loves the name and it captured for her a feeling of strength, conviction, and personality that resonated with her as her at her strongest. When down or in a jam, she reminds herself, “In this situation, what would Kaya do? How would she handle this?” She instantly feels more powerful and clear on what do to! Amazingly empowering and effective for her.

Best of all, having a clearer sense of her reminds you to start living as that strong woman inside you today.

You can even create a best self collage (a special kind of vision board) for visual motivation.

Practice being who you want to be. It's uncomfortable sometimes, but worth the growing pains.

Ultimately, we are as happy (and powerful and free) as we make our minds up to be (thanks, Abraham Lincoln for your wisdom), so you might as well be your happiest you.

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