Use Good Posture to Boost
Your Confidence Instantly

Surprise yourself with the power of good posture and make a positive first impression. When you stand tall (or sit tall in your chair), you actually feel more capable. How you carry yourself affects not only how others perceive you, but a great deal of how you feel in your own skin and your energy. Lift your head up. Get in the habit of lifting your abs up and in. Stand up tall. You will feel better instantly.

Ever notice how we stand up straight in the mirror at home but when we go out in public we tend to slump?

What assumptions do we make about the person on the left?
What do we feel or sense about the person on the right?

Don't strut around like a rooster obviously, just think of the tall serene presence of a redwood tree. Those trees own their space magnificently. Don't give away your power through a lowered head, rounded shoulders, downcast eyes, or a caved chest. Assuming your full height, holding your held level and looking forward subtly conveys your sense of self worth. It shows that you are to be treated with respect and that you value yourself.

Similar to the psychological benefits shown with smile therapy, maintaining good posture tells your brain that you indeed ARE confident and capable. You immediately have more energy (possibly in part from better flow of circulation).

Greatness does not approach him who is
forever looking down. ~ Hitopadesa

I saw an infomercial the other day for a body sculpting girdle that is worn under clothes to smooth out fat rolls. I couldn’t help but notice in the before and after pictures how much of the improvement was due to the women's good posture! The bodysuit had a tight criss-cross webbing between the shoulder blades that literally forced them to stand upright. Standing tall flattens your tummy more and you look slimmer. Your clothes will hang more flatteringly on you, too.

Observe the body language of others whom you admire. Notice how they stand. Are they smiling? Do they initiate contact with others or do they wait for others to seek them out? Is there a calmness about them that seems to come from deep within? Notice their breathing if you can see it — is it steady? Is their breath/voice even and strong? Get in the habit of observing others to see what habits you’d like to emulate. Before you know it, it will be your true nature and habit to feel confident, too.

Use your good posture to its best advantage. Sit and stand tall. Take a deep breath. Even if there is no one else around... own your space!

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