Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Every Day

Living a healthy lifestyle means taking action. Want to be a healthy person?

Do what healthy people do.
Eat like they do, exercise like they do,
make choices that support good health like they do.

Too often I hear about people who commit to change their bodies, work really hard to lose the weight with a healthy diet and exercise, but once they reach their goal, fall back to eating how they used to eat and stop exercising.

What were they thinking?

Is it possible that we don't make the connection between our habits and our excess weight? The patterns emerge through our daily choices. When we do healthy things regularly, we get healthier.

Restrictive diets are not maintainable as a lifestyle. Sometimes we innocently think that a few treats here and there won't hurt. But past habits and trigger foods are like playing with fire and keep your old unhealthy ways within reach.

Have you fully committed to changing their life and body? Without lifestyle changes and a firm commitment to what kind of health, body, and energy you want, once the diet mentality runs its course, you’ll snap back to your old ways like a rubber band.

So how do we successfully transition from losing weight to maintaining it?

Make a living a healthy lifestyle a part of your vision. See yourself not just looking the part, but feeling good with an active positive daily life.

Staying trim, fit, and energetic means living a healthy lifestyle. Ongoing. Daily. Keep taking action for as long as you want those good results!

Continue to make choices that gets you what you want no matter if you want buns of steel, better sleep, more energy, flat abs, less snoring, or getting rid of your candida symptoms.

By experimenting, you'll find out what it takes for you - whether it be daily exercise, focusing on fruits and veggies, dancing twice a week or simply stretching more, avoiding processed foods, walking and maintaining a positive attitude. Everyone is different.

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Define what you want.
  • Recognize what gets you results over time (by tracking your exercise journal and food diary).
  • Know what keeps you feeling your best.
  • Keep making good choices every day.

If you eat, act, choose, exercise, and THINK like a fit
and healthy person, you become one!

Keep making those small changes and before you know it you're feeling better and becoming one of those healthy people yourself.

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