Walking for Exercise

Walking for exercise is a great way to get moving, toned, and lose weight. I lost over 40 pounds from walking and find it the "go to" way to start exercising for many people.

It's what our bodies are designed to do, the original human "sport."

Walking for exercise benefits:

  • Free
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • No equipment
  • Alone or in a group
  • Practical (provides transportation, you can get errands done)
  • Gentle on the body

When done with proper technique, you can walk comfortably while maintaining good posture and protecting your joints, back, and feet. You'll be surprised how much fun you're having while you get some easy exercise.

Walking also adapts brilliantly to be a meditative time of reflection or a bustling lively social time. When I'm struggling with something walking can be the ultimate in soothing escape. Not only do I get a good workout in which helps alleviate my stress, but often I figure things out without even realizing it when I get those "aha" moments during walks outdoors.

I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards. ~ Abraham Lincoln

You can also adjust your pace and form to accommodate your body's needs on a given day - while still sticking to your exercise plan and getting a safe, effective workout. That can't be said for many other types of exercise. Check out these walking tips and learn about keeping a walking log.

Don't like walking alone? If you find it boring or isolating or don't feel safe, find a buddy, mentoring partner, group, or go where you'll be nicely distracted and visually engaged, such as the mall, a busy park, or stimulating downtown area. Look online to find fellow walkers in your area or connect through a community group, school, or gym.

Please DON'T wear headphones in both ears if you go it alone. It can be dangerous as you can't hear traffic as well and become less aware of what's going on around you and who is around you. Stay alert of your surroundings and connect with your environment.

Happy trails to you!

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