Mine Your Past for
Exercise Motivation

If you've ever done physical activity, you had some past exercise motivation. But these days, sometimes we need an extra push to get started with exercise. Perhaps our energy is lower some days, we're mentally fatigued, or we're having a harder time mustering up the faith that we will stick with it this time.

But we have a secret weapon.


You've lived some life already and have learned a lot of things. You know yourself in ways I can only guess and that is a VERY powerful resource to draw upon! A great tool that you can use to help you get moving and taking those daily actions to reach your dreams.

Give some serious thought to the following questions to see what you can glean about what worked (and what didn't) for you in the past.

Pay special attention to your environment and the support you may have surrounded yourself with back then.

Look to take the things that worked best for you and evaluate if they might be good for you now, what is different, or what may work better. Most importantly, give thought to what you want and on keeping your eyes on your vision.

Jot down what ideas come to mind. The past exercise motivation you had then gains you awareness and insights to help fuel your workout habits for years to come.

  • What were the happiest times in your life so far?
  • What were you doing then for physical activity?
  • Did you play any sports? Dance? Go to nightclubs? Jog? Take walks? Hike? Have a physically demanding job?
  • What did you like about the activities and why did you keep doing it? (What gave you past exercise motivation back then?)
  • Why did you eventually stop those physical activities?
  • What did you not get to do/try that you wanted to and why not?
  • When were you the healthiest ever so far?
  • What were you doing for your health then that worked well for you?
  • What kinds of foods did you eat? What role did food play in your life then?
  • What fitness and health postives can you see in your past that you are not currently doing now? If you don't want to do them again exactly, what would you choose to do instead?
  • For example, perhaps you did gymnastics as a kid and loved it. You might want to try gymnastics again as an adult (there are adult classes). If not gymnastics exactly, what else could you do that gives you the same positives you liked (the feeling of grace and power, or being part of a team, or being in a structured environment)? Dance? Pilates? Yoga? Swimming? Ballet?

Even if your life history isn't helpful to you in terms of positive past exercise motivation ideas, notice what did NOT work and remember to steer clear of those people, situations, attitudes, and environments this time. We're not here to rehash the old days, but to pick and choose what you can from it to see what may help you today. You're smarter, wiser, and more aware now, so consider yourself a miner looking for gold. Find your past exercise motivation and you are well on your way to losing extra fat and to becoming a healthier you today!

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