Support Yourself with Sports Bras

Sports bras are an essential part of your fitness wardrobe. It's great they're exercising, but I visibly cringe when I see women's breasts flopping around. We have enough challenges with gravity and sagging — let's not speed up the girls' fall south by stretching out that tissue early. Breasts flinging about can get in your way, cause pain, get you unwanted attention, and can even throw off your balance.

Did you know that our breasts do a "figure eight" movement when we run? Yikes. Experts say that the ligaments (Cooper's ligaments, specifically) and the delicate breast skin can get damaged over time or at the very least increase the loss of elasticity.

Get fit by a professional is important. Reports show that most women wear the wrong size and aren't properly supported. Many large department stores, lingerie boutiques, and even some running stores offer trained professionals and it's usually free. You'll feel better in a bra that fits and often look better, too (more uplifted and youthful).

Buy quality undergarments, enough so you have a clean one handy for your regular workouts. Get the right level of support for the fitness activity you'll be doing. For example, if you're doing yoga you may need only light support. If you're running or doing aerobics you'll want the maximum.

There are many brands and many styles to choose from. Take your time until you find some that suit your needs and budget.

  • Try different kinds on - you can't guess by looking.
  • Stand sideways to the mirror and jump up and down to see if you are held in place enough.
  • It should fit snugly, yet you should be able to take a full breath comfortably.
  • The band should not move when you move.

High quality sports bras may consist of moisture-wicking fabrics and seams that do not chafe, but expect to pay a pretty penny (it's worth it). Title Nine and Athleta are two companies that offer great selection and tell you the level of support offered depending on your cup size.

On the larger size? Check out this fun and informative site focusing on the unique challenges of having big breasts.

Money super tight? Try this old trick: Wear multiple bras. Yes, one on top of the other, tightening the straps to make it a tighter fit. There you go - a homemade sports bra. It's NOT ideal, is a lot more trouble, and looks rather crazy, but in a pinch it works and saves your breasts from painful bouncing. (Save up your cash for a good quality garment as soon as you can — you will be happy you did!)

Breast Health Tip! To help prevent cancer, massage the lymph nodes under your arms and your breasts once a day to help keep your lymphatic system working great - especially if you regularly wear underwire support. (And give those babies some breathing room sometimes. Go bra free when you're having quiet time at home.)

Find sports bras that fit well and that you actually LIKE. It will encourage you to work out as you'll look forward to wearing your workout clothes. And whatever helps motivate us to go workout is a VERY good thing... (I am still excited to wear my favorite tomato red Rosa Faia sports bra — it truly does make me want to go work out!) I feel wonderfully "held" in it and it's a fun bright color. I can move anyway I want and everything stays where it's supposed to, what freedom!)

Get the support you deserve, in EVERY way.

Happy shopping and exercising!

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