Top Ten Reasons to Exercise

There are many reasons to exercise regularly depending on your personal goals and motivations. Perhaps you've seen others experience the benefits of exercise or you've felt it yourself in the past.

Give yourself the opportunity to function at your best and experience your full energy! You owe it to yourself to feel great and to get truly fit and healthy.

Top Ten Reasons to Exercise

  • You sleep more deeply and can fall asleep more quickly (as long as you don't get your heartrate up too close to bedtime).
  • You get more energy throughout the day.
  • You look better! More toned, slimmer, firmer.
  • You feel sexier! (All of that circulation flowing, increased strength, and getting in touch with your power can get your hormones functioning optimally and get you feeling in the mood. Take advantage of this added bonus and get your groove back.)
  • You feel more confident, strong, and you'll be so proud of yourself every time you follow through and move your body.
  • You think more clearly, calmly.
  • You feel more vibrant, creative, and awake. Tingly, excited, aware, ALIVE!
  • Your health improves (problems lessen and health risks reduce).
  • Your moods stay more balanced and stress reduces.
  • You increase your chances of living a longer lifespan.

* * * * * * * * *

And if those aren't reasons enough...

It's the ONLY body you ever get. Use it or lose it!

* * * * * * * * *

Enjoy moving your body and make it fun.

What are YOUR top ten reasons for exercise? Make your own list and post it somewhere you will see it regularly (perhaps near your vision board?). It may be the extra motivation you need to stick with it until you fall in love with how it makes you feel.

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