Speed Up Your Metabolism

Did you know you can speed up your metabolism? Your actions have a big influence on your metabolic rate.

Yes, our metabolism slows down somewhat as we get older. But that doesn't mean we can't change it!

Exercise is enormously powerful in shifting our metabolism into a faster pace, so you burn more calories even at rest. That means you burn more calories even when you're sleeping! When you build your muscles and challenge your body to work harder, it becomes a more efficient machine, and it needs to burn more calories to exist in that higher-functioning state.

Get an exercise plan going where you get in a good amount of cardiovascular work in (where you sustain an elevated heartrate for a period of time to build your lung and heart capacity). And eat a reasonable diet with enough calories.

But the real powerhouse involves putting on some muscle - tightening things up and toning your body. See how many benefits are adding up here? Lose body fat, firm up your body, more energy, feel and be stronger, sleep more deeply, etc. There are so many great reasons to exercise! Work with your doctor to make sure you're ready for more fitness, but in general, most folks will be encouraged to get going as soon as possible. Walking is a gentle way to start moving.

Do not use age as an excuse. Wherever you are in your health and age, it's just a starting point, a temporary circumstance, not the end of the road.

(Look at Jack LaLanne. He never let age define him.)

It's what you do with your body and mind and emotions and spirit and heart that matters. It is never too late. Studies have even shown that people in their 90s start putting on muscle and getting healthier with exercise, even if they've never exercised before. So you can, too! Don't wait til then - get started now so you can start getting the benefits NOW.

There's no reason to bemoan getting older when you have the power to give yourself more energy and to shake off those excess pounds of fat that are weighing you down! Speed up your metabolism by moving that beautiful body of yours every day.

P.S. If your energy is really bogging out and you think something might be wrong, get a blood test from your doctor or health practitioner. Especially get your hormones and thyroid tested (make sure they test your T3 and T4 numbers SEPARATELY - do not accept just one number with the T3 and T4 combined as it doesn't provide enough information).

You have more power than you think to impact your world. Now go have fun shaking your body and getting fit!

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